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Way of work

Our Knowledge of Locations

Filming on location is a great way to bring realism to apiece –. A location gives the project a sense of time and place, and is a great way to get more from your film than a simple office or studio shoot may give you. Doing documentary in Africa for the European market sometimes becomes challenging, but content with the local environment and with people whom understand the terrain bring the story to perspective, our directors’ prides in understanding complicated Africa and Asia well, imaginations can take your project somewhere you never even thought of! So let us take the burden from you, perhaps you need a corporate film shot, but what’s preventing you from shooting it somewhere interesting? Why not think outside the box and give your audience something they didn’t expect with a truly unique and eye catching location shoot, we know that link missing and get the touch to make the dots full. Since we know how cumbersome the process of video production is, we would like to keep you on the know at every process involved.

talk show

Pre-Production Planning

Firstly, you will receive a creative consultation. We will take your idea and make it be what your end product will be like, agree on objectives, understand your audience and analyze the competition. Upon agreement we take the drivers seat and move to the next level.

Production Process/Shooting

Lights, camera, action! This is the most exciting part of at the process and where the whole cooking of the delicious food being made. Our crew begins bringing ideas to life


Upon completion of shooting we sample the clips. Now our editors get to work bidding everything together, bringing your messages to life. Graphics and any other beautification from color corrections to scene matching and syncing the sound is all done here.


It’s Showtime! Sit back and set your best position on either couch or lounge, because we signed off in style by giving you the chance to watch the video, we will deliver the end product compatible and ensuring your video plays on all modern devices and works well with popular social networks

Video Marketing

It’s one thing getting a video made, it’s another thing getting people to sit down and watch it! But the most difficult part is watching people watch the video, we take the hustle and create the buzz for the views to watch the video.