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Our Services

Video Production

With in house experienced videographers, editors, film directors and scriptwriters we work with you from the thinking point to conceptualization and production. The team members of MME are talented and innovative, aligned with the flow of technology and thriving to deliver the best.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can be very successful at spreading the message. It is basically “word of mouth” on the Internet. Correctly seeded it is a remarkably fast and cost effective method of marketing. We know what it takes to make a video go viral and we will help you create a memorable, imaginative and inspiring video message, which, with one click, will be delivered to your target audience on any form of communication medium you choose.


Training Videos

Training videos are an efficient and cost effective way to train your staff. We deliver both in-house communications training as well as produce videos in a modular form so you can keep your website up to date. Research has proven that information shown on video is the most effective way to help your staff retain the facts.

Promotional Videos

We have worked with a number of non-profits and businesses to promote their services and products with impactful results. There is no better way to capture your audience’s attention than with a professional and effective video. Whether it’s a simple explainer video, or something a bit more creative, we make videos that work for all intended audiences