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About us

About Moving Minds Europe

Moving Minds Europe is a Video and Film Company with the main aim of helping companies and individuals to develop their own personal story and deliver it through the beauty of film. Hence our slogan we tell your story.

We are located out of Utrecht city in the Netherlands with a branch in Nairobi for African market and networks in Asia, and provide our services across these three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

Communications technology is a fast changing industry and at MME, we are at the forefront of providing services that measure up to these changes to ensure high quality, progressive and cost effective visual products to get your message out there. We are detail and quality driven to give your product the edge over others, capture your audience’s attention and drive your point home. Our mission is to get your idea and story into a visual, inspiration and attractive product that makes you proud, and informs audiences without distortion.

At MME culture is a melting pot of new ideas, creativity and evolution. With respect for every culture, we build the linkages for social connection across audiences, communities and continents.

Our aim as Moving Minds Europe is to help clients reach broad public audiences and establish relationships with their most critical constituencies. We help you tell your story most compellingly and interactively.

We help you tell your stories based on our decades of experience producing virtual content for organizations, corporations, and individuals to tell their stories. We focus on making the clients reach targeted public audiences and establishing influential communications trends, building custom approaches to position our clients effectively and generate credibility among their most critical stakeholders.

Our team of professionals brings decades of experience from the modern communication landscape to private companies and non-governmental organizations in content creation for messaging, live broadcast, video production, and digital marketing. We help start-ups and established businesses communicate and share their virtual journey of success through the prevailing communication channels. We walk our clients through the whole production process from conceptualization to pre- and post-production in Europe and Africa. We are bridging the two continents with diverse understanding. We are Moving Minds Communications.